Tips on removing scuff marks on laminate floors


Laminate floors are usually employed in areas that go through a high volume of human traffic because it is very durable and quite easy to maintain. It is practically spill- and stain-proof. But one thing laminate floors are vulnerable to are scuff marks. Here are a few tips on how to remove scuff marks on laminate flooring.

• Maintain your laminate flooring properly. This is the best way to prevent scuff marks from becoming too hard to remove. Every week mop the floor using a solution of four liters of water with a cup of vinegar mixed in. Remember to only use a damp mop as opposed to a wet mop. A wet mop will introduce too much liquid to the floor and this could seep into the flooring.

• Don’t use soaps or detergents on laminate floors. The same with waxes or polishes. These types of cleaning solutions can leave an ugly residue on the floor. It could even act as some kind of glue on which dirt will attach and it will become hard to remove. If you’re going to use any product, try using citrus based products. If you want to try a particular product on the laminate flooring, do a test application first on a part of the floor that is generally hidden.

• A great way of removing scuff marks from laminate floors is with a simple school supply – the pencil eraser. This works best on scuff marks that are still fresh. Just erase the marks. An alternative is to use a tennis ball wrapped in wool. The soles of a tennis shoe can also work.

• Some household products can also be used to remove scuff marks from laminate floors. Toothpaste is quite effective especially if it is just a small one. Just apply the toothpaste and rub it gently on the scuff mark to remove it. You can also use baking soda. Just make paste using baking soda and a little water and apply it to the scuff mark. Rub it on to the scuff mark until you remove it.

• You can use stain removers that have been made specially for use with laminate floors. These are effective in removing stubborn scuff marks. But read your manufacturer’s warranty first before using these solutions because there are some laminate flooring companies that require you only use their own brand of stain removers.

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      Great post! Any hard flooring in your home is susceptible to scuff marks. For smaller scuff marks, try using a regular pencil eraser. Rub the spot firmly until the scuff mark disappears. Be sure to sweep up any remaining eraser shaving as they can cause their own stains if left unattended. For larger scuff marks, try using the rubber sole of a tennis shoe. Press your hand into the shoe, and rub the spot firmly with the heel. If this is uncomfortable, or you feel you are not exerting enough pressure, place your foot inside the shoe and rub again with a circular, grinding motion.