Ways to jazz up your online presence


It’s a social world out there.

Socializing and interacting with people online is an activity that defines people living in the 21st century. But the internet is a space that is defined by the user’s anonymity. In order to really make an impact, your social self should not fade into the background but, instead, be noticeable and memorable. What you need to do is to jazz up your online presence.

Here are some ways you can do this.

Jazz up your Twitter background

The standard Twitter page is a drab affair. Spice it up with a new background that reflects your personality. You can use the themes that Twitter has made available in the settings or you can further personalize it by uploading your own background or using third party services that provide really snazzy looking themes and backgrounds. Your Twitter page will definitely pop out.

Fill out your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the ‘social network‘ for those who work and want to build their business contacts. It has proven to be one of the biggest lead generation sources for anyone, some say it’s even more effective than Facebook. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s power to provide you with a more active online presence by providing your details in your LinkedIn profile. Many people are not too keen on using LinkedIn or providing their details because of security concerns and also because of laziness because LinkedIn feels like you’re filling out a job application form. But the extra work does pay off.

Use an online profile icon you can call your own

Profile icons are your ‘face’ in the netosphere. A lot of people are not too keen about using their actual photo for this purpose. If you’re one of these people, one way to personalize your profile icon is to use online services like p-icon.net that let people make personalized profile icons using different templates.

Make regular updates

If you want a strong online presence then make your presence felt. Posting updates on Facebook or Twitter once a month, or even less frequently than that, will make people forget you. Make regular updates so your presence is always felt online.

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    • SoulSeeker

      Great tips. Yes I think in the information age it’s important for everyone to maintain a strong online presence!

    • David

      Thanks, I will check this out for sure!