What are the best countries to do business in?

Doing Business 2012_IGL

Global commerce is a multi-billion dollar endeavor and it is growing every year. Decades ago, going into business in other countries is considered the exclusive domain of those who have extremely deep pockets or large-scale corporations. But with the business trends changing, it is now possible for those with more modest budgets to actually start businesses in other countries.

If you have dreams of putting up a business in other countries, this infographic that gives you an interesting visual picture of the current business climate in other countries. You’ll readily see which countries are the best ones to do business in. The wonderful infographic design (courtesy of infographiclabs.com), successfully puts into a graphical perspective the benefits of having a business in certain countries in the world. For example, Singapore looks like it is the country to beat in terms of how easily one can set up and operate a business. They apparently have stumbled on to a formula where the business community and the government have created a conducive business climate.

Check out the infographic and keep it handy. You just might need it when you start building your business empire.


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