What is a Mediation Service?


Harmony is a goal that we constantly aspire to. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and even with the best of efforts conflict can arise. It can happen at work, in business and even among family members.

Conflicts need to be resolved but this can oftentimes be a difficult goal to achieve. Conflict resolution is can be elusive and because of this misunderstandings or disagreements can drag for weeks, months, even years.

There are many ways to address problems of conflict, and one that is most often employed is by hiring mediation services. This is a professional service that helps in conflict resolution by mediating between the disagreeing parties. The mediation is done by a professional mediator who has been trained to handle conflicts. The mediator facilitates the dialogue between the involved parties and assists in helping them communicate their message or intent in a clear, no-confrontational way so that the opposing party will understand the other parties? stance or beliefs.

A mediator is a crucial factor in conflict resolution and in mediation services. A good mediator can bring out the necessary points and increase the chances of the opposing parties arriving at an agreement. The role of a mediator is a delicate and challenging position. But it is a vital position. Here are some of the functions, qualities and responsibilities of a good mediator:

  • A good mediator maintains his or her objectivity. They do not take any side but will, instead, listen to all involved parties and try to facilitate dialogue and discussion.
  • Mediators are experts when it comes to the art of the dialogue. They will help the parties keep their focus on the issues at hand and keeping tabs on the progress of the talks so that they can constantly remind the parties about issues that have been addressed and resolved and also present the needs of both parties so that it is not discarded or forgotten.

Hiring mediation services is the best option when there is a conflict primarily because it costs less to hire  such a service compared to the high costs of going to court. It is also a faster way of resolving a problem compared to a court case that can drag on for years and tax the patience, relationship and finances of the involved parties.

  • Ali Hussain

    Trusting a mediator can be very hard although if the mediation service we use is reputable things can be different