What to do when you donít know what you want


You want to change your life—make it more exciting, more successful, more fulfilling. But how? You’re not sure about what you want, and you’re not sure what you need to change. Here are some ways to achieve some kind of emotional or spiritual clarity so you can tell what is missing and then go forth and do something about it.

Pinpoint where you are holding yourself back

What is the current situation and what makes you think that it is not as it should be? What are the real issues or concerns that hinder you from attaining your desired outcome? What prevents you from resolving those issues?
An acronym (PAW) would help you overcome limiting beliefs that may subconsciously be stopping us from even thinking that a better life exists. ‘P’ stands for ‘Possibility’, ‘A’ is for ‘Ability’, and ‘W’ stands for ‘Worthiness’. You must believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goal, that you are capable of achieving your goal, and that you deserve to achieve your goal.

Look at your options

You want a better life but you’re not sure what that means. Look at your options: what are some areas that make you feel dissatisfied? What are some decisions that others have made that you can learn from? Look for role models and cautionary tales. What actions have you already taken toward achieving your desired outcome? And what results have these actions yielded? What other ideas are out there?

Set a plan

Evaluate all of your creative ideas against your very own set of criteria that would define ‘success’ for you. Consider as well their direct and indirect consequences and what resources you may need—exactly the thought process you would put into planning for a work project! Read more on effective New Year’s Resolutions and aspire to make this the best year ever!

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